Scale & grow with our ad automation tools

Our solutions enable platforms, search and directory, media companies, telecommunications, and hosting companies, to sell and scale paid search campaigns for their SMB customers.
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Complete Digital Marketing solutions

At Spotzer, we work extensively with telcos, hosting companies, financial companies (credit cards, banks, insurance), comparison engines, and more. If you are already selling websites, talk to us about extending your digital portfolio. If you haven’t yet started in digital advertising, then trust Spotzer to start you in the right way, and see a return fast.
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A media company approach to digital with Spotzer

Spotzer works with multiple media businesses, from newspaper and magazine companies to online media. Many of our customers find that websites are a good brand extension for their customers, but have yet to take the step of adding SEM or social ads, even though their customers are buying these services elsewhere.
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How listing companies benefit from digital marketing and websites together

Listing companies have already been operating digital marketing programs for years and are now looking for the next level of sophistication and efficiency in online advertising.
The Spotzer Ads tools have been designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Our account managers, armed with our automated systems, can manage 2500+ accounts each. Can that improve your performance?
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your online marketing. Have the Spotzer Ads solutions implemented at your company today.
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